How it works.

The goods that are collected typically fall into 2 groups, at a ratio of 75% to 25%, with the larger group going for reuse as their same original purpose, e.g. as clothing that can be re-worn or crockery and saucepans that can be easily reused as originally intended. The second group are goods that can be recycled e.g clothing that can be recycled as padding for furniture or as wiping rags for industrial purposes.

Bag up your unwanted clothes
1. Bag it up

Empty your wardrobe of any unwanted clean clothes, shoes or fashion accessories.

Book a free collection or use our nearest cash for clothes drop-off point
2. Arrange a collection or use our drop-off points

Book a free collection or visit one of our drop-off locations.

Earn cash from selling your clothes
3. We check

We will perform a quick check to ensure your goods can be reused.

We weigh your clothes
4. Get weighed

We will then weigh your bags to find out how much we owe you.

Get paid in cash for your clothes
5. Get paid

We pay you in cash, cheque - or you can donate it to a nominated charity.