We Pay Cash 4 Clothes

The Smart Recycling collection service: - it’s free and it's


By organising a clothing collection with us, you are not only earning money, but you are also supporting local businesses, local people, people who buy the donated clothes and of course, the environment.

Over 14,528 Collections Made Since 2021.

How it works.

We collect clothes and other suitable items in good condition that can be reused.

Book a free collection or use our nearest cash for clothes drop-off point
1. Arrange a collection
Leave bags of unused clothes outside your house.
2. Leave bags outside by 8am
Bag up your unwanted clothes
3. Our driver collects them
Get paid in cash for your clothes
4. We pay you instant cash
Donate or sell your unused clothes to help countries in need.
5. Your clothes gets exported for a second life

Smart Recycling provides a free clothing collection service. No need to be at home, just leave your bags outside by 8am on the collection day and our driver will collect them and post the money through your letterbox. A quick way to earn some cash for clothes!

✓ We accept

We accept clothes and these other items listed below in good condition that can then be reused.

If you would like a collection, we can accept good condition: adults, children’s and baby clothes, shoes, handbags, bras, hats, belts, curtains, towels and bed linen (but no duvets or pillows please, sorry). We also accept bric-a-brac; such as antiques, clocks, computers and accessories, decorations, electronics, kitchenware, musical instruments,  ornaments, pictures, sports equipment, tools, toys, and utensils.

We accept adult and children's clothing
Clean adults' and children's clothing
Earn cash by selling your coats and jackets
Coats and jackets
Sell unused shoes for instant cash
Paired shoes
We accept handbags, belts and general fashion accessories
Handbags, belts & general fashion accessories
We accept bed sheets and blankets
Bed linen, curtains and towels
Sell your bric-a-brac and kids toys for cash
Bric-a-brac and kids toys

What happens to your clothes?

We have an extensive network of trusted sorting companies with whom we have been working for over 30 years. These companies are located in the UK, Europe and Asia. When the clothing arrives at their warehouses the goods are separated into around 500 different grades. The sorted goods are then sent to countries all over the world, including those in Africa, South East-Asia, Europe and indeed right here in the UK, where they can be found in Vintage shops. In all these markets second-hand clothing creates thousands of jobs and provides people with a good source of quality and affordable clothing.

Our goods are very sought after because of their high quality and the careful sorting procedure they go through before being sent to the market. This ensures that clothing is not sent to landfill sites.

The goods that are not suitable for reuse as clothing are sent to recycling factories where they are reprocessed and either made once again into clothing, as in the case of woollen garments, or into padding for furniture. Cotton garments are cut up and used as industrial wiping cloths.

If you prefer you can donate the money you receive to a charity of your choice, or you can donate it to our environmental project Eco'Logical.

Cash for clothes export to countries to boost economies