Smart Collect.

We pay 30p per kg.

We can collect your unwanted clothes from your home, so they can be reused and benefit people elsewhere. This helps to reduce landfill, supports countries in need and makes the world a better and more sustainable place. Not only that, for any suitable items we collect and recycle, we pay you cash.

To find out if we collect in your area just enter your postcode below.

Cash for clothes free collections near me

How Cash 4 Clothes works.

Bag up your unwanted clothes
1. Bag it up

Empty your wardrobe of any unwanted clean clothes, shoes or fashion accessories.

Book a free collection or use our nearest cash for clothes drop-off point
2. Arrange a collection or use our drop-off points

Book a free collection or visit one of our drop-off locations.

Earn cash from selling your clothes
3. We check

We will perform a quick check to ensure your goods can be reused.

We weigh your clothes
4. Get weighed

We will then weigh your bags to find out how much we owe you.

Get paid in cash for your clothes
5. Get paid

We pay you in cash, cheque - or you can donate it to a nominated charity.

✓ We accept

We accept clothes and these other items listed below in good condition that can then be reused.

We accept adult and children's clothing
Clean adults' and children's clothing
Earn cash by selling your coats and jackets
Coats and jackets
Sell unused shoes for instant cash
Paired shoes
We accept handbags, belts and general fashion accessories
Handbags, belts & general fashion accessories
We accept bed sheets and blankets
Bed linen, curtains and towels
Sell your bric-a-brac and kids toys for cash
Bric-a-brac and kids toys

✕ We don't accept

Bad quality, wet, damp, or dirty clothing • Clothing with animal hair or bad odours • Damaged or heavily worn clothing • Traditional clothing • Workwear and corporate clothing • Personalised and event clothing • Socks, underwear, dressing gowns, or pyjamas (except new) • School or work uniforms • Duvets, pillows, cushions, heavy curtains, heavy blankets, throws, and sleeping bags • Books, CDs and DVDs.

Get cash 4 clothes for selling your unwanted clothing

Cash for Clothes

If your clothes are in good condition, then they’re likely to be of value to someone else – meaning there’s money to be made! 30% of clothes in an average household have not been worn for over a year and with an average value of £4000 in your wardrobes and cupboards that’s quite a big deal. Why not have a wardrobe clear-out and get cash for your old clothes, as well as giving your unwanted clothes a second life?

Drop-Off Locations

Second Life

Did you know an estimated £140 million worth (around 350,0000 tonnes) of used clothing goes to landfill in the UK every year? Selling your unwanted clothes for cash at a Smart Recycling drop-off point isn't just good for the environment and your wallet, it also helps people all around the world to be able to afford good-looking, quality clothing. Furthermore, Smart Recycling works with local businesses in the destination markets to arrange transport and help sell your used clothing - creating new jobs and strengthening local economies along the way!

Your clothes gets resold in 2nd hand shops
We export your clothes all over the world while you earn cash for clothes
Your clothes gets recycle and given a second life
Recycle your clothes to give it a second life while earning cash.

Frequently Asked Questions

What items do you accept?

We can accept good condition: adults, children’s and baby clothes, shoes, handbags, bras, hats, belts, curtains, towels and bed linen (but no duvets or pillows please, sorry). We also accept bric-a-brac; such as antiques, clocks, kitchenware, musical instruments,  ornaments, pictures, sports equipment, tools, toys, and utensils.

How much per kilo does cash 4 clothes pay?

If you bring clothes to one of our drop-off locations you will receive 40-50p per kilogram.
On average a full bag weighs 10kg which is £5 a bag.

When do I get paid?

You will be paid immediately at our drop-off location.

What happens to the clothes I sell to you?

Your clothes get distributed to countries that are in need and then get resold there by local businesses.

What are the benefits of cash 4 clothes?

By selling your clothes to us, you are helping reduce UK landfills, support local businesses, strengthen the economy and protect the environment whilst making some cash for yourself.

Do you guys do collections?

Yes, we offer collections for more than 10,000 postcodes.

Where is my nearest Smart Recycling cash 4 clothes drop-off point

40 drop-off points are available throughout the UK with more on the way. Simply download our app or visit the locations page.